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4 December 1998 Letter: Hoailona for Africa Trip (PDF)

Apela Colorado

272-2 Pualai St.

Lahaina, Maui, HI.


04 Dec. 1998

Greetings return to you, Apela, in the love and in the light of the ancestors, The Source of Life.

Aloha Kakou!

Allow me to introduce to you the hoailona for the trip to Africa. The underlined words are the emphasis on the word for the day. Here we go:¬†Here is a key being offered to a gate that lies in the ancestral house of Perfect Union and the realization of how “I Interact.” The question of how you deal with


. You are being presented with the chance to go beyond where you are, you must deal with the not-yet-known, as well as the potential of leaving something behind. The gate is the challenge of interacting with the environment and with others. The question is this: Will you really go through the door?
Now: Encountering the gate, you know you have encountered


. But, you do not know what is on the other side or where it will lead. You do not know if it is positive or negative, or what you will gain or lose. Faced with such questions, you sit in


, contemplating the pros and cons of what lie beyond.
The dilemma remains, and will always remain, until you take one deliberate step-


. You will never know until you do it, and once you do it, everything changes. You are no longer stuck; you are moving into something new and unknown. Beyond that is only


, experiencing what you entered. You will always enlarge your landscape as a result of addressing the challenge of the gate.
Now: You are a “Doer” experiencing the ancestors “Star of Impulse,” a transmission of spirit. This star’s energy is all about do anything, be anything, try anything. “The Doer” is a being who does, and does, and does. The energy is that of


, regardless of purpose, regardless of outcome, regardless.
Here is a gift from Na POAI ALI’I, the circle of chiefs that urges

    UNITY Participation

. The gift of the circle lies in the ancestral house of the SPIRIT INCARNATE and is a gift of “I PROJECT.” The gift of togetherness. If I am to project myself, there is nothing I would like more than to be in good company. The circle is


, the commonality of all things, all a part of a whole, and that gift’s achievement in the world is


, every person acting like part of the whole.
Now: Here is a key to the wind of change that dwells in the ancestral house of Mana, the realization of “I CARE.” The wind MAKAUKIU is the lesson of give and take. The challenge is one of dealing with exterior forces and energy. To meet the challenge you must learn to shape your caring to the way the world really is.
When NA MAKAUKIU energy rules and can blow away what I made, its effect is felt as


. When I, lear that its effect is not against me, I begin to see its effects as


and respect the ebb and flow of things. The true changeover occurs when I alter my stance to the wind and begin


This force outside of me is not going away. I can Learn to get along with it, to adapt. Since it is a force, it can be harnessed. I can learn the art of


the wind, using its energy to take me where I want to go, remembering, though, that the essence of the force has not changed- only my approach to it. Understand they will grow stronger as they hear the song of joy that are the way of peace.
End of story!
I leave you, Apela, in the love and in the light of the ancestors, The Source of Life; rejoicing in the power and the peace braided with the cords of patience revealing the tapestry of aloha.
Hale Makua
The catalyst, and all catalyst, is designed to offer


. This experience may be loved and accepted or it may be controlled. These are the two paths. When neither path is chosen the catalyst fails in its design and the entity proceeds until catalyst strikes it which causes it to form a bias towards acceptance (APONO) and love or separation and control. There is no lack of space/time in which this catalyst may work.
Now: This is one instance and extrapolation may be made to other entities which are aware of the process of evolution.
Agreements: were made prior to incarnation; the first, with the so-called parents and siblings; this provided the experiential catalyst for the situation of offering radiance of being without expectation of return. The second program involved agreements with several entities. These agreements provided and will provide, in your time/space and space/time continuum,


for the experiential catalyst of work and comradeship.
There are events which were part of a program for this entity only in that they were possibility vortices having to do with your societal culture. These events include the nature of the living or standard of living, the type of relationship


into your legal framework, and the social climate during the incarnation. The incarnation was understood to be one which would take place at harvest.
These givens, shall we say, apply to millions of peoples. Those aware of evolution and desirous in the very extreme of attaining the heart of love and the radiance which gives understanding no matter what the lessons programmed; they have to do with other selves, not with events; they have to do with giving, not receiving, for the lessons of love are of this nature both for positive and negative. Those negatively harvestable will be found at this time endeavoring to share their love of self.
There are those whose lessons are more random due to their present inability to comprehend the nature and mechanism of the evolution of mind, body, and spirit. Of these we may say that the process is guarded by those who never cease their watchful expectation of being of service. There is no entity without help, either through self awareness of the


of creation or through the Kia’i (guardians) of the self which protect the less sophisticated mind/body/spirit from any permanent separation from unity while the lessons of your density continue.
This is the game: to know, to accept, to forgive, to balance, and to open the self in love. This cannot be done without the forgetting, for it would carry no weight in the life of the mind/body/spirit being-ness totality.